Who are we

Industry Leaders

As the world’s leading hotel consulting firm, HBD Upselling Solutions specializes in the implementation of Upselling and Cross Selling/Ancillary revenue programs for hotels and resorts around the world. Our programs are designed around 4 key elements.




Training and coaching


Follow up and Assistance


Specific and integrated technology platform

Our programs combine technology with your teams developments, and so we achieve:


Increase your direct revenue through the existing client


Improve the clients’ experience during their stay


Teams more focused on inside sales

Our revenues are 100% linked to the success of the program

How do we achieve it?

By stimulating the commercial activity of your teams in contact with the hotel’s customers.

By means of a consulting plan comprising, training, monitoring and follow-up of the results and evolution of the program.

We focus our efforts in the Front Desk, Food and Beverage, Reservations & Spa departments.

Increasing your hotel’s REVPAR and TREVPAR.

We guarantee

Sales increase
Improving the clients' experience
Motivating your teams

Where we are

We are present in different countries in order to offer you a 100% personalized service. We have developed more than 300 Upselling and Cross-Selling Programs around the world.

Our clients' satisfaction is our best form of introduction