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Upselling solutions for the Hotel Industry

The sales script interaction with your client at check in

When a customer comes to our hotel, there are some steps to be undertaken by the receptionist to offer both superior rooms and cross-services to achieve maximum effectiveness in our sales, always with a clear focus; "Improving customer experience during their visit", these steps should not exceed 4 -6 minutes at check in.

  1. Maintain eye contact with the customer and smile
  2. Greeting them to your hotel and ask questions: How are you.? how was your trip? etc..
  3. Tell them about superior rooms and offer a change in their original booking 
  4. Inform about the Supplement  "just for a small supplement of…. € x day.
  5. Ask them for this room change ( close the sale)
  6. Offer additional service: Breakfast in case you have not included in their booking, or late check out.
  7. Follow their satisfaction when you meet again at reception 

It is important that all staff that integrates the front desk participate in this script, and whenever possible, make real simulations peer to evaluate their knowledge and interaction with the client, this will allow to to make them part of the natural process of the check in . 

Always think that improving costumer experience, began from the very early moment of customer arrival, and that is when we have the last opportunity to offer our superior rooms or services.

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