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Upselling solutions for the Hotel Industry

Keys to success in front desk upselling

I have visited many, many hotels, and more or less all of them have now heard something about upselling techniques at the front desk. Some of them say they apply them in their business model. However, I have to say that at check-in in all of the different hotels that I have stayed in for one reason or another, nobody has ever offered me a room with a view or a superior room. Neither in independent city nor resort hotels, nor in large chain hotels, in which they are totally convinced that they have upselling projects and use upselling techniques in their hotels. And maybe they are, but not to the degree which they could.

Upselling should not be a program or a project. Nor should it be just a number of sales techniques to be routinely applied. Upselling should be a philosophy. A philosophy in which the most important thing is the customer, and increasing customer satisfaction with the hotel. The receptionist has to be proactive (this word is key), always offering the customer a room which is superior to the one they have booked, without waiting for them to ask for one. In other words, the customer should always be aware that their stay could be upgraded for a small fee. Not only through the use of marketing support materials such as digital frames or images on the TV, but also through the receptionists themselves. In the job descriptions of our colleagues working at the front desk we should add the duty to "sell: create and meet customer needs."

If we do not get the reception teams engaged and interacting with guests at check-in, upselling and cross-selling techniques will never be more than just a project from the management and for the management. They will never be focused on what is really important: increasing hotel revenues and RevPAR through increased customer satisfaction.

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