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Upselling solutions for the Hotel Industry

How to implement an Upselling project for your hotel

After 10 year's experience implementing Upselling programs for hotels worldwide, i have noticed a great desire from people to increase revenue thought it, but in some cases, with a little desire to change anything for it, beyond of a completion of a simple training course, once or twice a year.

When I usually face these situations in my programs, my thinking is always the same; "there is no omelet without breaking eggs".

An Upselling program in your hotel will raise significantly your direct revenue, so before begin a revenue enhance in house program, it is essential to be clear on the steps to follow up:

First of all it is necessary to create those products to be offered at front desk to your customers, as well in Upselling as cross selling. 

In relation to the first concept (upselling), superior rooms have to be very different between them, I mean, your customer must see very clearly the difference between one room and the other, since one thing is a Upselling project ruining for your web or reservations, and another very different is an upselling program from your front desk department, when your customer is already with you (think about how you can improve people's experience by offering superiors rooms).

Next step to follow should be, setting those supplements for superior rooms to offer (I will talk about supplements in a future article), as well as set rates for cross selling services and products you may offer.

Once product and its supplements/ rates have been set up, it is mandatory to establish an incentive system for your front desk line staff, as well as for your front desk manager, and this one has has to be motivating and easy to understand for everyone.

Once you have been agreed in those points, executive orientation workshop and staff training should be done, but not just once in a year, an ongoing training plan for your line staff should be created for at least one year, this point is crucial for your program success.

Last but not least, a tracking system and control of program results should be set up, a mix between people, procedures, and technology should be implementing, to measured revenue generated, and the evolutions of your KPI's in upselling.

This tracking tool and procedures, should also include regular meetings with people involve within the upselling project, in order to take actions for those points for improvement you may detected. 

I know that implementing an upselling project for your hotel it is not simple as all of this above exposed, there are a thousands of variables to watch and think about it, but at least I hope this article could help you to clarify some of your questions, about " how to begin a front desk upselling project in your hotel.

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