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Programas de upselling & Cross selling en el departamento de F&B de hoteles & resorts. Para más información envíano…

Upselling solutions for the Hotel Industry

HBD Consulting celebrates 12 years!


HBD Consulting celebrates 12 years as a pioneer company and leader in Upselling and Cross-selling solutions for the hotel sector. We celebrate it in a process of expansion and bring unique technological innovations in the sector, and that facilitates the control of KPI's, as well as increases the motivation of the front desk staff, the RevPAR and ADR of the hotels.

During these 12 years we have nurtured Upselling knowledge to more than 200 projects generating more than 20 million € of benefits for our clients.

Through all these projects we have managed to expand the frontiers of our knowledge in Upselling thanks to the great variety of challenges that we have found along the way. Challenges, that without the help of more than 50,000 people from up to 16 different countries that we have trained during these years, we could never have reached.

For this reason, this celebration is dedicated especially to our hotel partners, and to the sector in general, through which our experience takes place and create value.

What better way to celebrate our 12th anniversary than with a new technological platform, a world leader in the sector, integrated into the PMS of hotels, which further enhances the skills of its employees and our advice?

Do not hesitate to contact us! through infoatupsellingsolutions [dot] com.

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